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Preview: Reite Audio

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There is no doubt in my mind that the Reite Audio components represent the best in solid-state gear. I will go so far as to say that this is the best sounding solid-state system these ears have yet experienced.

Why? Because they sound like music, or rather they don’t get in the way of the music or the natural sound of it. There is an “ease” there that you experience with the real thing. They have managed to remove certain distortions that I used to think always inherent in the nature of such electronics. From where I’m sitting, this removal lets you hear back beyond the equipment, and through what I once thought were the nature of such.

If your path is the absolute, as mine is, you must check out these amplifiers. The high end is exquisite and pure, without any aura of grain or hash. These components will show you what your recordings actually sound like, without any of the bells and whistles we have unfortunately come accustom to in this industry. I have spent my life pursing the elusive goal of reproducing live music in all its glory. These components not only impress me, but leave me breathless, because I can’t tell they are there. They disappear, leaving me captive to the musical truths I so love and desire.




Comment by Joey Weiss…

Reite Audio is a new company based out of the USA. Reite Audio is a collaboration between Bob Reite (hence,the name) and Ed Sheftel. Currently in our system is the entire line of available Reite Audio products (we hear there is a headphone amplifier in production as well). This includes the LS-1 line stage ($9200, without power supply), PS-1 phono stage ($3900, without power supply), and PA-400 ($25,000 per pair), 400 watt mono-block amplifiers. A 100 watt mono-block is also available from the company. The line stage and phono stage can be powered by the same external power supply ($1900).

The Reite Audio philosophy is simplicity itself. Most importantly, Bob Reite sought to remove as much IM (intermodulation) distortion as possible, believing that nothing should be in the way of the musical signal. Each component is tested by Mr. Reite in the factory. Each individual component came with a handwritten score card with the exact testing results on display. From first listen you know there is something different with these amplifiers; the lack of veils between you and the music is startling. I would first claim that the system “cleans” up the sound, but there is nothing sterile at play here. Not at all. Actually, there is nothing at play but the music in all its naked glory, without any sense of the typical grains or bumps I have heard even amongst the finest of systems.

This new team has something serious here to offer. The components are rewarding in how they let the magic captured on a recording come through with honest integrity. I have yet hear any solid-state device sound so refreshingly natural in the reproduction of music.

At this time, the manufacturer is selling their product direct. According to Mr. Sheftel, Reite Audio set out to develop a reference caliber system that delivered the “truth” inherent in the musical performance. A professional musician himself, Mr. Sheftel has always believed that the goal is to reproduce music that resembles live music as much as possible, with all the intrinsic personalities of sound kept intact. As the system we have in house continues to prove, he has obviously hit his mark.

~Joey Weiss


You can check out the Reite Audio website for technical info and contact information: