Reite Audio

For the Right Sound


We have developed a new high quality line of audio equipment. Our goal is to produce state of the art electronic equipment that rivals products costing more. Unlike many of our competitors, we will skip the hype and publish specifications that will tell you exactly how our products will perform. We currently offer a moving coil phono stage, an active line stage, a low distortion headphone amplifier, a 100 watt mono block power amplifier, and a 400 watt mono block power amplifier (2 required for stereo).

Our design philosophy: Audio equipment should add nothing nor subtract anything from the music. This means to design for very low distortion and very low noise. We believe that objective measurements of equipment performance are of prime importance. Listening tests are also essential, as you the end user will be listening to music rather than watching meters and oscilloscopes. All listening tests at Reite Audio will be done as double blind tests in which neither the listener nor the experimenter will know what system they are listening to until the test has been concluded. This is the only way to eliminate any preconceived bias. We will back up our claims with repeatable measurements and statistically valid double blind listening tests.

Features of the entire product line:

  • No reactive components in the signal path. This means no capacitors, no chokes or transformers. Where capacitors are necessary for RIAA equalization or circuit stability they are high quality mica, polypropylene, or polycarbonate film capacitors.
  • WBT gold plated connectors for audio connections. WBT silver connectors are available on special order.
  • Ample margins for headroom and heat dissipation. Since our product line is solid state, adequate headroom is important so that transients do not get distorted. Adequate heat dissipation is important for long life. No semiconductor device should get so hot that you cannot put your finger on it without getting burned. Ample heat sinks are used when necessary. Power resistors, which by their nature must get hot, are placed well away from heat sensitive components. All products are designed for continuous use with normal program material.
  • Adequate filtering. One should not have to buy expensive power line conditioners or deal with interference from cell phones, CB radios and the like to listen to music. Our products include proper filtering so that you will never hear cell phone data noise, CB radio transmissions, or random noise from the power line.
  • The function of the product comes before physical appearance, however, we do recognize that the sound system has to share space in most households with other uses. With that in mind, we strive for a pleasing visual appearance of our products.
  • All of our products are made in the USA. Each unit is burned in for 200 hours after assembly and then tested to ensure that it meets specification. An individual test report for the device is included with the instruction manual. Our products carry a five year limited parts and labor warranty.

Specifications subject to change on all products.