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PA-400 400 Watt MonoBlock Power Amplifier

Sold in pairs for stereo

Other features:

  • Will drive any speaker from 4 to 16 ohms.
  • The amplifier actually operates class A for minimum distortion at low levels, transitioning to class AB for lower power consumption at loud levels.
  • Soft start to minimize stress on components.
  • Protection circuitry that will "fold back" and limit the current to the output transistors in case of a short in the speaker cables.
  • Thermal protection that will shut down the amplifier to protect it from damage in case air flow to the heat sinks is blocked.
  • Audio ground can be isolated from the power ground without the use of unsafe cheater plugs.
  • Amplifier meets specs within one minute of turn on.

This product out of new stock.

Retail price $25,000 per pair.