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PS-1 Phono Stage

Other features:

  • Balanced inputs. The sleeve of the RCA input jacks are insulated from the case by shoulder washers. XLR input connectors are available by special order. Our tests have shown that by using an active balanced input hum and noise pickup is much less, in fact below the noise from the phono cartridge, in a properly installed system.
  • External power supply. We settled on a linear power supply for lower noise and ease of repair, even though it is less efficient. The power supply is external to the active amplification stages so that the magnetic field flux from the transformer will not be induced into the low level circuitry. The phono stage has local regulators and additional filtering and energy storage on the amplifier boards themselves for minimal power supply noise and excellent transient response.
  • Selectable cartridge load resistance and capacitance. DIP switches for 5 different resistance and 2 different capacitance settings. Various combinations of the switches will allow the user to match any moving coil cartridge on the market.
  • Small physical size. Since the phono stage is not adjusted once set up, it makes sense to locate it as close as possible to the turntable, so that the interconnects between the turntable and the phono stage can be as short as possible to prevent hum and noise pickup.
  • Unit meets specs within 10 seconds after turn on so no need to leave on all the time. But with a power consumption less than 10 watts, many users will still prefer to leave it powered up all the time.
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Retail price $3900.00 without power supply.
Power supply $1900.00 One power supply will operate both the phono stage and the line stage.